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Active SMART - hdd temperature monitor

Hard drive temperature monitor

The problem of overheating is a vital problem for most modern HDDs, since they are constantly evolving and their capacity and speed are improving. Not everyone knows that when the temperature of the hard disk rises higher than 50-60 degrees centigrade, its reliability decreases significantly and that a fatal failure as well as total data loss may occur.

How to check hard drive temperature and protect your hard disk from overheating? The answer is simple: install Active SMART on your PC!

Download ActiveSMART
Download ActiveSMART and monitor hard drive temperature

Active SMART provides control of the temperature of your hard disks so the data stored on them will be safe. The current hard drive temperature value shown on the General information window as shown on the picture below.
Hard drive temperature value
You will always know the current temperature of your hard disks, because it is constantly monitored by the program.

Even more, you can check how the hard drive temperature changes over the time. You can see the Disk temperature chart on the View Temperature Chart window of Active SMART application (see the screenshot below):

HDD temperature graph

You can set a maximum (critical) value for your disk temperature so you will be warned (by popup message, sound signal, LAN message or even via e-mail) should this temperature ever be exceeded. Moreover, Active SMART can even close the applications (saving all data) running and shut down your PC.

Install Active SMART to be aware of possible troubles with your HDD before they occur. Ensure your data is safe!

Active SMART utilizes S.M.A.R.T. technology (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) to access a drive's internal diagnostics. Active SMART can predict and warn against many types of problems with the hard drive(s) connected to your system.

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