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Folder size utility for Windows

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Folder size utility by Ariolic

How to find large folders?
The files on your hard drive take up more and more space. And soon, all your folders are full of data - movies, music, mp3 files, podcasts... How to find out folder size and which directories are huge and occupy all your disk space?

Download ActiveSMART and use its powerful new feature - Folder Size Analyzer

Download ActiveSMART with Folder Size analyzer
Download Folder Size analyzer included in ActiveSMART

How to use folder size tool?
To check folder sizes on your hard drive you need only few clicks - start ActiveSMART, open Disk Space Usage Analyzer tab and choose the disk to scan for all files and folders. Now ActiveSMART will use its "SmartMap technology (tm)" to scan your hard drive and collect all information about files and folders it contains. Then it creates a special picture - graphical preview of your disk or folder with all files and folders and space they occupy. It uses the Tree Map technology to show you size or folders in a special way, so you can see at once which folders or files are big, which aren't. Check the screenshot below - you see all folder and it's easy to see their sizes!.

Folder Size tool screenshot with directories sorted by size

Folder size utility screenshot

Now you can do anything you want with the files and folders - right click on any folder or file to open Windows Explorer menu and choose any file operation - Open file or directory in Windows Explorer or delete file and free up space. Easy and simple.
With ActiveSMART you have all folder and directory size information at a glance.

Download Folder Size tool included in ActiveSMART

ActiveSMART is a full featured software to help you care about your hard drive - its health, free space, folder and files. Everything you need to feel safe.

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