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Active SMART

Active SMART - hard drive diagnostic

ActiveSMART User Testimonials

Ariolic Software is committed to provide the absolute highest quality system software and support and we are pleased to see our efforts pay off. This page contains user comments about ActiveSMART - award winning hard drive diagnostic software. If you have a success story using ActiveSMART, please let us know - we would love to hear from you!

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Download ActiveSMART

ActiveSMART 2.6 Review by Codrut Nistor, SOFTSUPPLiER. 

Iain Laskey's review of ActiveSMART at Practicalpc.co.uk 

"Active SMART is the most useful product I have purchased in 20 years of technical computer involvement. A truely useful product."

Paul Ryan

"Thanks for a great product ActiveSMART. I'm sure it saved me from another hard drive crash. Without the heat warnings, I would never have known it was running hot. I bought it after losing a hard drive suddenly, then that replacement drive went bad."

Barbara Taylor

"Over the last year, I have had the hard drive fail on two different laptops. After doing some research on the net, I discovered that overheating is a major cause of hard drive deterioration and failure. Given that this is widely known, it is a glaring error for operating systems not to include this feature. After all, cars have a temperature gauge; it seems only logical that an operating system should have a temperature gauge. Active Smart software corrects this glaring error.
Thank-you for making this software. "

Norman Kunc
British Columbia, Canada

"I recently upgraded my new computer with a more powerful PSU and graphics card. After restarting my system it became very sluggish and the computer case was actually hot to the touch. I did a quick internet search and saw that ActiveSMART was a highly recommended diagnostic utility that could tell me if my hard drive was in danger. I downloaded the trial version. Sure enough, it indicated that my hard drive was in serious danger of overheating (49c and rising). I immediately shut down my system, opened the computer case and eventually found the problem. Turns out the case fan had been reinstalled the wrong way around.
Thanks to ActiveSMART I was able to take action and save my system. Not only does it give you accurate (and hard drive saving) temperature readings, it also monitors things like disk health, performance, and total free disk space... among a host of other useful features.
Now a quick glance at the sleek ActiveSMART taskbar icon lets me know my system is running at a cool - and safe - 30c.
ActiveSMART is a great product that I would highly recommend."


"Recently I started noticing some backup problems with one of my drives. I performed some chkdsk functions and everything seemed fine. I then tried some SMART tools but none seemed to provide any detailed information and had bad interfaces. I even tried some command-line tools available but they seemed too confusing and had problems integrating with Windows. I didn't wanted to take any chances hence I kept searching and found ActiveSmart, from the screenshots it seemed too good to be true. But when I installed the software (trial version) it was a perfect fit, it was easy to understand provided in-depth information about different S.M.A.R.T attribues. And more importantly showed a high temprature issue on one of my drives. Though it was not causing any direct problems yet, it gave me a tip to check the HDD fan. And sure enough the fan had died and the drive was heating up more than usual. This probably saved my drive and my precious data! This is an amazing piece of software with a user-friendly way and great integration with Windows. By far one of the best tools out there!"

Mayank Gandhi

"I'm currently doing a trial of ActiveSMART and so far this is by far the best SMART monitor I have evaluated."

Mark Thompson

"I can't believe the type of software you guys make isn't built in Windows - I can't imagine living without it."

Eddie Barcellos

"I have tried other software like yours and your software beats the rest 100%, well impressed."


"I tried ActiveSmart to monitor my computer in my medical office. This computer was been having functional problems and it was difficult to determine if the problem was with the memory or the hard drive. I cannot afford for my business to crippled by non-functional computers. ActiveSmart proved to be 100% accurate in its assesment of the problem. It confirmed the hard drive problem that I had suspected. I have since had the computer fixed, and now it is time to equip all of my office computers with ActiveSmart to help avoid problems before they occur."


"While most computer users forget there hard disk exists, more interested in the software it contains and general PC performance speed, Active S.M.A.R.T is one of the most useful and intelligent products available.
Active S.M.A.R.T is a GREAT comfort and in my personal case as a professional computer user (SEO), I can at last stop worrying about the state of my hard disk and get down to work.
My deepest compliments. Active S.M.A.R.T is VERY impressive."


"Dear Ariolic Software, As previous users stated, your product DOES it's job. I wasn't sure if a second hard drive was going bad. I searched the internet for help and found ActiveSMART. Downloaded the trial version program immediately. Wow, ActiveSMART conveys information I expect on hard drive performance. My system did NOT provide SMART information that I thought existed. ActiveSMART to the rescue !
I intend to buy the full version as soon as possible. I have too much time and money invested in software, files to lose it all to a hard disk(s) failure. Thank a bunch."

Germain Lavoie

"In the distant past, I have used hard drive evaluation software (before the days of Windows) and with the C: drive problems I seemed to have over the last few months, I suspected a defective drive. I have been involved in computer hardware since 1982 and am an active programmer and software developer. So I would consider myself very computer literate and aware of what diagnostic software is necessary to keep systems up and running. Active SMART is a very inexpensive piece of sophisticated software which everyone who relies on a computer system really needs - it's a "must have" in my book.
Active SMART positively identified a number of problems with my suspect disk immediately and now there is no need to wonder and/or guess that I have a problem - your program gives me the confidence to know I need to do something about replacing my C: drive immediately, before it finally dies on me.
Likewise my D: drive did not seem to have any problems: as is indicated by your software and I would not be without it.
Active SMART constantly monitors both C: and D: and instantaneously signals when problems are occurring and identifies them. It knows what drives I have automatically and lists in great detail all the possible areas which need monitoring and allows me to see them at the time any error(s) are detected. The program also gives the user control over every facet of the program.
As I have already said, its great software which everyone should own! Don't take chances with so called 'back-ups' and dodgy hard drives which seem to fail when you can least afford it with or without warning! "

Peter Reeve
Bendigo, Australia

"I've been in IT business for a decade and a half; I've almost never come across such a really essential piece of software as Active SMART. One of my Seagate 80GB hdd's was dying, I was in search of a SMART tool, I was taken to your web site thanks to a Google query, I bought your tool online, and it quickly confirmed my guess. Thanks for such a useful, lean & mean utility."


"Let me take this opportunity to tell you that I am very pleased with ActiveSMART. I am convinced that anyone who uses their PC for more than just games should need this product. In my case (being a technical writer in the IBM mainframe area), a sudden loss of the hard drive could mean "good-bye" to many hours of work.) Backups are one thing, but even since there are more adequate backup devices, there will always be a risk of some important data not covered by the backup. (I once lost a drive due to a spindle motor problem. I'll never forget the feeling: the access mechanism was probably still intact, but the humming sound of the spindle motor, going wildly up and down, made it clear that without this trivial part there is not way to get to the data.) For now I can only wish you every success in further improving this great product. I think is has the potential to find many more satisfied users, and there may be a time when ActiveSMART monitoring will be as common for PC users as using a virus scanner."

Christiane Rust

"I have been in the computer support business since 1975 and have seen my share of very saddened customers who have lost all of their data due to hard drive crashes. I know the SMART technology has been incorporated in drives for a number of years but the information is not easily available to the average user. ActiveSmart is filling that missing link between the available information and the user. Thanks for a very useful program."

Tommy Landrum
Regional Server Support

"I have been using ActiveSMART for a few years now. It almost always runs silently in the background without drawing much attention to itself. Everything had been running well but one day, several months after installing ActiveSMART, I started getting popups alerting me that the health was declining. The drive in question was relatively new but had been running just fine for the few months I had it, so I would not have expected it to have any problems. I opened up ActiveSMART, and sure enough one of the SMART values of my storage drive was in a steady decline, and fast; the value was dropping by one just about every few seconds. In this instance it was happening fast enough that I was lucky to be sitting at my computer. As soon as I realized what was happening I disconnected the drive. I didn't have anywhere to put the files at the time, so I left it unplugged until I could buy a replacement. I put in the replacement and copied the files over, and finished just about in time - when I plugged the drive in later to see if I could salvage the drive with repair tools, it only lasted about 5 minutes or so before the drive became completely inoperable. Since the drive in question was a secondary drive used for storage, and the decline started and escalated so quickly, there were no warning signs ahead of time to suggest that the drive might be having problems - I was even using files from it the same day.
I absolutely would have lost that data if it weren't for ActiveSMART.
Since that day, I simply will not run any computer without ActiveSMART and I recommend it to my friends and family that count on me for computer help."

Adrian Baxter

"Thank you! I got a new hard drive last week and during the installation of my OS, I felt that something was wrong, I started browsing and found your product, after I installed the trial version it immediately detected problems and was able to take the drive back before anything bad happened."

Efrén Pérez

"I have just downloaded Active SMART as Scandisk is reporting possible errors. I am very impressed with the amount of information it has returned and am pretty confident I will want to keep it after the trial period has expired. What a great product and excellent customer support; I will be recommending Active Smart to friends and family."

Lindsay Holland

"I downloaded the trial version sometime ago, and ignored its warnings!!!! I HAVE LEARNED THE HARD WAY - IGNORE ActiveSMART AT YOUR PERIL . I lost 20Gb of data!! I have now purchased the full version and backup my data drive religiously onto another hard drive which is then removed from the machine. Congratulations on a wonderful product."

Paul Ryan

"It's a really great piece of software a well worth the money, in a class of it's own compared with other products I've looked at. Thanks for an extremely useful utility."

Paul Hodges

"I recently had two harddrive crashes within a few weeks, and wish I would have known about Active SMART earlier - it would have saved me a lot of trouble! This is one very nifty bit of software that let's you know what's going on inside your drive and it gives peace of mind to know if it is in good shape. And when it isn't anymore, you can act on it, before it is unrecoverable!"

Thorsten Indra

"ActiveSMART is a very nice utility, specially useful for those users who have their hard disk working all day & overnight and for disks which are not new. The interface is simple & pleasant."


"Thank you for your extremely prompt and complete reply. I very much appreciate your explanation. I wish you and Ariolic Software much success and I will continue to use the Active SMART program. Answering Technical Support questions on Sunday is certainly not expected -- some companies never reply to questions at all. I congratulate your company and I will recommend it when people ask my advice on software. Thank you again!"

Jay Terry

"I purchased the Ariolic software, but was not able to acivate it. I didn't have time to mess with it until my hard drive started acting strangely. I sent an email to Ariolic's technical support asking for assistance. Within one hour they had responded that my registration key must have been corrupted in the original transmission and they sent me a new one. It worked immediately...I was able to determine that my hard drive was about to crash, and I had time to back up my critical files! This program is a life-saver!"

William Osborne

"We evaluated several SMART monitoring programs and found that Active Smart is the best one."

Miguel Gastelumendi
Software Atelier

"Please send my regards to the programmer(s) of Active SMART. It works great, has a superb, modern (2004) and easy-to-use interface. It's a dream to work with. There must be (a) good programmer(s) with a lot of common sense in your company. Be proud of it. What an asset! If I have to put this prg into a category of 'excellent-programmed applications", i'm thinking about quality programs like ... Adobe Photoshop and alike... I'm regularly checking if your company has released other new quality software. Thanks a million!
PS: in my life I have tested quite some applications (> 1000), so I consider myself more-or-less a power-user in this area :-)"

M. Willems

"You have the best product that I have seen of three I have tested as shareware on the ZDnet/Cnet site."

Bruce Sturges

"Out of the 4 that I have tried yours is now at the top of the list."

Roger Sheppard

"The program looks like a wonderful diagnostic tool for everyone from a personal user to network administrators."

Robert Escher

"Good program! I thought my hard drive was messed up (data errors) so I ran this baby. Turns out its just getting really hot inside my case! Keep up the good work."


"I really enjoy using ActiveSMART. It the best of its kind that I've found on the internet."

Vu Nguyen

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